Training and demonstration videos for Flexo 6

Our library of training and demo videos for Flexo 6 provide valuable resources for learning and demonstrating the software’s capabilities. Whether you’re looking to master its features or share its potential with others, these videos provide a comprehensive overview of Flexo 6’s features.


Our pre- and after-sales services for Flexo 6 cover a wide range of needs. Below you will find a summary of the services offered, from the installation of Flexo 6 in multiple stations to the personalization of invoices with Flexo 6 & Restobar. We also cover essential aspects such as counter sales management, loyalty and permanent discounts, commercial management, promotions and sales, including the famous ‘Black Friday’. In addition, you will discover how to create purchase orders and use vouchers as well as value discounts (rebates) using Flexo 6 & Restobar.

Installation of Flexo 6 in multiple stations

Training: Detailed steps to carry out a multi-station installation of Flexo 6

Flexo 6: Counter sales

Demonstration How to make counter sales and obtain a receipt

Flexo 6: Commercial management

Demonstration creation of quotes, delivery notes, customer orders, invoices. Transform, group, etc.

Flexo 6 create a purchase order

​Training:Different ways to create a supplier order

Flexo 6 & Restobar Voucher and discount

​Training:Understanding and using a voucher. Difference between a voucher and a gift voucher.
Discounts are value discounts.

Flexo 6: Loyalties and permanent discounts

Training: How loyalty works in flexo, earn bonuses after each sale. retain a customer by giving them a permanent discount

Flexo 6: Promotions and sales. Black Friday

​Training: How to manage sales in a clothing store or other business.
How to get sales on all products
How to make a Black freedayfreeday

Flexo 6 & Restobar add a logo to an invoice

​Training: Add your own logo to all your documents

Demo videos

In our After-Sales Service (After-Sales Service) section, you will find training videos for all of our software. These videos offer you the opportunity to discover the many possibilities offered by our products. The main objective of these videos is to enable you to gain complete autonomy, giving you the ability to resolve usage questions on your own.

If you want to master all the basics necessary to effectively use Restobar or Flexo, our training courses are specially designed for you. They will equip you with the skills needed to become an exceptional salesperson, providing you with the knowledge and expertise required to excel in your field.

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