Restobar: Cash register software for restaurants, cafes, snack bars, etc.

Restobar is above all a modern tool and above all very pleasant to use, you will gain in productivity thanks to its natural organization to manage daily tasks with ease.

Restobar is the simplest, most complete and most effective software

Restobar 3

Cash register software for restaurants, snack bars, pizzerias, cafes

The cash register software and tablet software can be downloaded from our site

Whether you opt for the single-user version, when purchasing the product, you will receive by email, within 24 working hours, an activation code as well as an invoice.

The cash register software and tablet software can be downloaded from our site

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Restobar 4

Cash register software for restaurants, snack bars, pizzerias, cafes, etc.

The cash register software can be downloaded from our site

Whether you opt for the single-user or multi-user version, when purchasing the product, you will receive by email, within 24 working hours, an activation code as well as an invoice.

The cash register software can be downloaded from our site

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Restobar is the most simple, complete and effective software on the market. It offers a modern, user-friendly and productive experience, simplifying the management of daily tasks in a natural way. Discover the almost unlimited possibilities of Restobar, all starting from only €340. All options are included, at no additional cost, guaranteeing you the best value for money on the market.

What we provide:

A Restobar software license (unlimited number of tables)
The possibility of installing additional cash registers with the multi-station license
Free updates, installed automatically.
Restobar has more than 3,500 users worldwide (*in 2022), and its ease of use allows users to become operational in just one hour of training.


Complies with French and Belgian legislation.

Restobar offers exceptional versatility with 4 modes of use in a single product, suitable for various types of establishments. You can install Restobar 4 in different ways to meet your specific needs:

  1. On a touchscreen cash register: The Cash register management module allows you to manage sales, deliveries and the restaurant room.
  2. On touch media: The Kitchen Screen module offers you the possibility of viewing, tracking and validating preparation tickets.
  3. On an order terminal: The Kiosk module allows the use of an order terminal for a simplified ordering experience.

Restobar is designed to adapt to your establishment, whatever its nature, offering flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.



Product management

  • Multi card management
  • Price “Take away” or “On site”
  • 4 possible VAT rates
  • Image thumbnails
  • Size management (pizzas)
  • Intelligent management of menus and accompaniments

Direct sales

  • Product selection on touch screen or bar code
  • Automatic presentation of products by categories or programmable buttons
  • Sale by weights possible in conjunction with a scale
  • Discounts and offers
  • Ticket without details
  • Vouchers
  • Multiple regulations
  • Payment terminal connection
  • Reprinting and correction of the ticket
  • Sale cancellation

Restaurant management (4 seating plans, unlimited number of tables)

  • Editable seating chart
  • Table reservations
  • Printing table orders on printers or on kitchen display screen
  • Possibility of printing table orders on several printers simultaneously in several copies
  • Highlighting of free, occupied, addition, preparation and menu tables, by color code
  • Management of nominated virtual tables
  • Management of follow-ups and complaints
  • Reprint, cancel, transfer and merge tables
  • Note sharing
  • Taking orders from multiple tills or on tablets

Management of orders to be delivered

  • Order taking suitable for deliveries
  • Quick customer selection and registration
  • Comments on order
  • Delivery data and time entered in one click
  • Orders printed to the printer of your choice (kitchen, counter, etc.)
  • Deliverer’s choice
  • Location and route calculation
  • Reprinting, modifying and deleting orders possible
  • Summary of deliveries by delivery person, payment method, delivery date,..​

Credit and prepayment management (ideal for community restaurants)

  • Prepayment: an amount can be loaded into the customer’s account.
  • During a sale, upon collection, the customer’s account will be debited for the value of the sale.
  • When the customer’s account is exhausted or insufficient, the sale will be refused (or permitted if credit is granted to the customer)
  • The customer account can be recharged at any time


Customer settlement

  • Ticket on account (delivery note)
  • Grouping of delivery notes into invoices

Cash close

  • Cash X/Z
  • X/Z checkout by SELLER
  • X/Z of cash per station (in a multi-station configuration)
  • Cash counting module
  • Possible reprinting of a cash register closing

Management of software usage rights by seller

  • Allows users to limit access to certain software functions

Inventory management

  • Stock entries
  • Stock releases
  • History of stock movements
  • Inventory
  • List of items to order

Analytics and logs

  • Cash book, receipts, tickets, invoices, delivery notes
  • All kinds of analyses, best sales, sales by item, by category, calculation of margins,..

Rates & Loyalties

  • Loyalty by bonus
  • Delivery of a voucher
  • Happy days price

Support for all devices

  • 5 printers supported: kitchen, bar, A4
  • Direct control of ticket printers via serial and Ethernet port (no driver required)
  • Customer display
  • Display of the ticket on a secondary screen with management of a slideshow
  • Kitchen screen and call screen
  • Badge reader
  • Payment terminal
  • Glory electronic coin mechanism (via connector)* PAID OPTION
  • Bar code reader
  • Cash balance

​Exports PDF, Excel, xls, csv, txt,..


The multi-station version allows, with a single license, up to 100 client stations

Restobar 3 is certified by the FPS Finances for use with a black box in Belgium. Our certification, number BDAC001, guarantees that Restobar meets all the legal obligations of the Horeca sector in Belgium, in accordance with Belgian legislation of 2015. Our software works perfectly with all “Boite Noire” boxes certified by the FPS Finances, available on the walk.

Direct sales

Select products, then collect the sale, a receipt is printed and possibly a preparation receipt on a printer or kitchen screen.

Suitable for:

Fast food, cafe, bar, chip shop, snack bar, sandwich shop, etc.

Room and table management

Open a table from the seating plan, then select products, a preparation ticket is printed on a printer or kitchen screen.
Products are added to the table.
Close the table, a receipt prints

Suitable for:

Restaurants, brasseries, chip shops, snack bars

Orders to be delivered

Select products, then assign them to a customer, an order ticket prints and
possibly a preparation ticket on printer or kitchen screen.
When the delivery person returns or when the customer collects their order, close the order, a receipt is printed.

Suitable for:

Pizzerias and all other activities offering deliveries.

Kiosk orders

The customer selects products at the order terminal (self-service), an order receipt
is printed for the customer and a preparation ticket is printed for the kitchen.
When the customer comes to the counter, you close the order, a receipt is printed.​

The customer can also pay at the order terminal

Suitable for:
Fast food, McDonald’s type fast food

Demo videos

In our After-Sales Service (After-Sales Service) section, you will find training videos for all of our software. These videos offer you the opportunity to discover the many possibilities offered by our products. The main objective of these videos is to enable you to gain complete autonomy, giving you the ability to resolve usage questions on your own.

If you want to master all the basics necessary to effectively use Restobar or Flexo, our training courses are specially designed for you. They will equip you with the skills needed to become an exceptional salesperson, providing you with the knowledge and expertise required to excel in your field.

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